Info on Snell Type K

I just bought a pair of Snell Type K speakers in nice condition for $ 4.95 at Goodwill.
My Rogue M-150's really make these small monitors sing. Makes me wonder why we spend so much on speakers.
I am looking for specs on these speakers.
go to snells website and look under product archives.
I have been to the Snell hompage and can't get the links to work. Is there something wrong with their website?
In case it's still not working for you:
Frequency Repsonse: 70 Hz-20 kHz
Sensitivity: 90 dB SPL
Impedance: ?
Recommended Amplifier Power:
Tweeter: 1"
Bass Unit: N/A
Crossover: ?
Connections: ?
Cabinet: Sealed
Baffle: ?
Grille: Black, removable?
Weight/Each: ?
Dimensions: 18"x11
Finish: ?
Wiring: ?
Spikes: ?
Controls: ?
Mid Ranges: N/A
Woofers: 8"
Sub Woofers: N/A
Hardware Included: ?
High Pass: ?
Low Pass: No
Line Level: Yes
Speaker Level: No.
At 4.95, who cares...enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Erikkellison. I am loving these little speakers.