Info on setting up a Morch DP-6

I bought a used Morch DP-6 and would be interested in any hints on the best way to set it up and tune it. It is mounted on a Oracle Mark V turntable with a ZYX R-100 cartridge.
I have gone through the Stereophile article on setup but I'm not completely satisfied with sound resolution I am getting as I have heard much cheaper turntable systems with better sounds.
Which arm tube are you using? Arm tube matching is critical with this arm.
I know all about setting up that arm and getting good sound.What phono stage are you using? what tonearm cable do you have? Here is my number.You can call me.Tom 201-768-6986
With no instructions, I am struggling to understand how to set up Azimuth correctly on A Morch DP6. Can anyone help?
Hi guys,

I've just gotten interested in Morch arms and stumbled across your "looking for help" thread. In my search for more information (could any site be less helpful than Morch's?) I found a Denmarck dealer's site. They have an English translation of the instructions for both the UP-4 and the DP-6. Translation is a little funky but I'm sure with the arm in front of you you could work everything out. Here's the URL, hope you find it helpful.