Info on phillips SACD 1000 repair/mods

Anyone know of a good source for repair or possible modification for this unit, it will only play SACD and not Redbook. Any info would be appreciated and thanks Chad

Consider your SACD 1000 as paperweight. Philips no longer supports it and as best I know there are no parts for the unit.

Best advice is to get the EMM Labs CDSD
Oneobgyn is correct - I recently ran into the exact opposite of your problem with mine and was informed that the chips that most commonly fail are long our of production. Sorry - maybe we could combine systems and achieve playback of both formats :)
Thanks for the info, it was posted for a friend, when he posted the exact same question they made it a wanted I wanted to see if my post got thru to forums and will show Sonicbob the link....thanks guys!