Info on Perreaux PMF 5550.....

I have been searching for a high current amp for my Infinity RS 1B base woofers. I am using a Perreaux 2150 b and I have been advised by many and (sean) that the Perreaux 3150B would be much better. I have had no luck finding one. However, on e-bay the PMF 5550 appeared.
Any comments or anyone familiar with this amp? (SEAN??)
I am not familiar with that unit, but it is probably a revised / updated edition of the 5150. As such, it should "probably" work like gangbusters for a woofer amp. My guess is that it is probably about 500 wpc @ 8 with a factory rating of 2.2 dB's of headroom above that point. This equates to about 830 watts peak @ 8 ohms. These are figures derived from how Perreaux has rated most of their amps, but I can dig up technical specs if you need them. These amps do not "double down" as impedance is halved, but they have NO problem with low impedance loads from my past experience. Sean
Thanks Sean....I think I'll have a go at it!