Info on Old Admiral Tube Radio

Found an old Admiral AM/FM tube radio - the tag on the bottom says :
?G511 - I cant make out the first letter/number of the Model #...
Made in Japan - Serial#360123
Any idea of age either??

A tubed radio made in Japan and sold in the US is probably from the early 60's or thereabouts. Likely no real collector value I don't think, but enjoy it!
I believe that the model number is YG511. My guess is that this not a sculpted, art deco-ish Bakelite (forerunner to plastics) radio, but rather a rectangular shaped wood (or wood like plastic) and metal table radio. If this is the case, we are talking early 60's. Even if working without too much hum, we are talking $25 or so on eBay.

Regards, Rich