Info on new Fela Kuti Vinyl Box Knitting Factory

I just came across the new Fela Kuti 6LP vinyl box set at my local record store. While it clearly will be in my collection eventually (Fela!), I'd still be interested in hearing from others about the quality of the set. Has anyone come across any reviews or taken the plunge (even though it officially comes out next week)? If so, please provide the details for the rest of us!

Here is some info on the set:

Knitting Factory Records is proud to release the first of the long-awaited vinyl reissues from the Fela Kuti catalog. This is the first in a series of curated vinyl box sets. The box includes six Fela Kuti albums that were handpicked by ?uestlove of The ROOTS. The artwork for each album is painstakingly recreated original album artwork along with vintage vinyl label artwork. What’s more is that this release marks the first time that some of these Fela Kuti albums have been released on vinyl domestically.

The box includes the albums:

Everything Scatter (1975)
Expensive Shit (1975)
Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense (1986)
Beasts Of No Nation (1989)
Fear Not For Man (1977)
Sorrow Tears And Blood (1977)

Seeing this made me pull out the Fela!