Info on Monster Alpha Genesis 500

I'm interested in buying a table with a Monster Alpha Genesis 500 cartridge mounted on it. Does anyone know anything about it -- when it was made, retail price, output, whether it's MM or MC, and whether the stylus is replaceable? Assuming it is still in good condition, is this a good sounding cartridge? Thanks.
I'm sure others of us "old-timers" can help more, but I recall the 500 was the top of Monster's line in the mid-80s, then surpassed by the 1000 (which I owned for a few years) and then the 2000. It's an MC design, reasonable output, and if it sounds like the 1000 it's a decent cartridge, perhaps a little peaky in the highs (I recall the 1000 being a better overall cartridge--think of how the Clearaudios sound as they get more expensive, that's the sort of thing you're talking about here). The 1000 used to retail for $800, I think, then in the early to mid 90s Audio Adviser bought all of them and closed them out for half price. So I figure the 500 was probably a $400 or $600 cartridge which may have been obtainable for $3-400. Don't think it's made anymore, or at least Monster branded, although others may be able to correct me on this. In any event, I don't think you could get it retipped, and if it's really old the suspension could have dried out by now anyway. You should ask the seller how old the cartridge is and how it's working. I'm afraid I don't have enough experience with today's less expensive cartridges to do any comparisons, perhaps others can help here.
I am currently using a Monster Sigma Genesis 2000 cartridge that I purchased from Audio Advisor as part of a VPI HW-19 Mk. III/SME 309 table combo. It is/was Monster's top-of-the-line cartridge which, as the gentleman mentioned above, was sold exclusively by AA in later years. It retailed for about $1200 new and was sold by AA for $600. It is an excellent sounding low-output MC (.25mv) and requires plenty of clean gain from a high-quality phono preamp. (I am using an Audio Research PH 3 with excellent success).

However, if you want to replace the A-Genesis 500 with an excellent modern cartridge. Try the ClearAudio Aurum Beta or Aurum Beta S MM design. You can get a bargain on a new one at Music Direct in Chicago (the Aurum Beta S sells for $405.00 less 10% if purchased in March 2001).