Info on Mission 750 special edition

I have a pair that are signed and have 1977-1997 on the back. Nice rosewood finish. These replaced a pair of Epos ELS3 spkrs. Very nice but would like to know more if possible. Previous owner provided no manual. Thanks in advance and enjoy the music.
Here is a not so great review of the 750LE:

TNT Review

I personally preferred the older Mission 751, which were quite unique. Mission made their comback withe earlier 751 series only to dissappear again into mass market speakers. A good company with some very good products, but also some not so great ones.

From my memory I probably would have preferred the Epos ELS 3 as well. Even better would be a pair of Spendor S3/5 if you like the smaller monitors.
Restock thanks for the link. I don't totally agree with theTNT review but do think they sound better than the ELS 3. Both have there strengths and weakness. Biwring the Missions do them justice. Read good reviews on the Spendors but have not had a chance to hear them.