Info on Gale Maximum Fidelity Recordings

I was wondering if anyone has information about these lps. How good they are generally. How good particular ones are. How many were made, whatever. Thanks!
They are generally excellent. I have a couple and the only distinctions are in the selection of the music. 1977-8.

Most of the Gale recordings were done in England by a man named Graham Whiting. He subsequently began his own label, Merlin Records, that produced a number of albums of similar recording technique and manufacture. As I recollect, there were about five of these, the most successful of which was two of the four Bach Brandenburg Concertos.

I have this record (and the four others that I know of too), and must say that the record quality is superb. I also have a number of the Gale records, but in all candor I did not find the performances on these (mostly classical) could hold my interest for very long/