Info on David Brinkley amps/preamps?

Is anyone familiar with David Brinkley amps and preamps?
I cannot find any information about them. Any info or contacts would be appreciated. Thanks.
Try David Berning. Probably what you're looking for.
Good luck,
Chet Huntley preamps are a good match for the Brinkleys.
No, Berning and Brinkley are different people. I know that Brinkley was working on a preamp about ten years ago but I have heard nothing since.
I have a Terra Song preamp. One of the best ever made and still excellent to this day. David Berning is a different person and won't have the info that you need. If you have any questions email me.

I owned a David Brinkley “Gestalt” model preamp.  It was an op-amp design with a separate power supply. I met David Brinkley. NOT the newscaster. He lived in the Houston, TX area at the time. The tiny preamp had a phono section with tremendous gain allowing a mmc with no added stage. It was quite good. It also had a single input line stage. It had an innovative bass enhancement but I don’t remember what he called it. I’m thinking “Algebraic Bass.” It imaged beautifully and was extremely quiet. 

His preamp was quite good, although not much to look at. I think he was working on a power amp. If you have one of his Gestalt preamps, consider yourself lucky.