Info on CM Labs

My friend and I have a CM Labs 912, we were wondering if anyone had any kind of spec's on this amp. Neither of us have been able to find anything about it so far, the only mention of this particular amp has been on this forum, so I though that I would check on here if anyone has info.
It had a 100W/C pwr. rating which few amps could equal in it's day. An early hi end unit.
I think that member Ferrari has/had that amp. He definitely has info on the line, if you are interestsed. I had CM separates in the late 70s and they were among the best at the time. Manufactured in CT.
Hi Couldpyro21!
You need for 5 years info's and other technical shema or Specifications.
I hope your find answers...
If you receive technical infos, im verry happy when you send my your information and others technical draw or other Schema for this amp.
I have differents problems with the separable "Power Units"...