Info on B K ST202+

Just purchased a used B&K ST202+.Would like some info on the +

Try contacting Jerry in the technical department at B & K and ask for him SPECIFICALLY. He is very helpful and great to work with. He can give you a quick rundown on the amp, etc... with the inside knowledge of a company employee. He'll do this without coming across as being "the B & K spokesperson" and talk to you in a "guy on the street" type of approach. Sean

Have had and used one since 1990 under a variety of loads. It sounds tube like, 200 watts/ch, and can take anything. It's a scaled down Sonata and a scaled up 140. I have had two sets of speakers wired up in parallel, Advent Legacy and Baby, with no effect. Really very powerful and sounds musical. Let me know if you want me to scan copies of manual/literature.