info on AR speakers

Helping an old friend recently move some furniture, I stumbled on to a pair of AR-2ax speakers. They were being used as lamp tables. I was told if I carted them both out their mine. I am playing them at the moment and very surprised while listening to some Sonny Rollins & a Decca recording of Aida. They the recordings sound full and large in there presentation making trumpets sound large with good dynamics and Sonny's sax sounds rounder then usual. I like to know if any members have experience using them and I would like to change the cloth on the grills which is now rather rotting and yellowed with age. Also the best stand for this speaker? I am using a pair of 12" Metal stands and wondering what the best height and how far close or away from the wall? I thank all..
I think the AR2's have collectors as they have historical significance. Check ebay sales history of completed sales in advanced search. You just may have scored and could use the cash towards a speaker you like better.