Info for Monoblock VAC Amp

I am looking for some info regarding vac amp, especially the new monoblock 220, what is the characteristic of the vac amp warm, bright, natural etc? I have heard their amp sound like a warm solid state is that true? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

I have the PA 90 D monoblocks. I have the highest praise for VAC. They sound great--not so much warm, but real-- with my Martin Logan speakers. Additionally, Kevin at VAC is an outstanding individual--very easy to work with during my upgrade process.

In all, I would not hesitate to purchase VAC amps. In fact, as we contemplate building a house, I contemplate what VAC products I will purchase. I also contemplate asking you all how to make an excellent soundstage out of a vaulted family room in the mountains--I guess view really doesn't matter--but size and ratios of rooms do and I look forward to receiving your help in another forum.

Hope this helps.

There are two 220 monoblocks. One is the Standard and one is the Signature version. The build quality and workmanship is exceptional. The sound is a tad on the warm side, with very good control.
I had only found the standard 220 monoblock but no info regarding the signature version on the vac site, have you listen to them and what is the different between the two.
Goone, I would recommend that you contact Kevin Hayes at VAC for information. He's a great guy, very knowledgeable and no nonsense.

Brian Walsh