Infinity ServoStatik - beginning high channel repairs

After a couple of years, the high channel on one of the panels went out and I have some time on my hands so I'm going to try making it work.

It went out very slowly, fading in and out over a period of months, and then just completely stopped.

Is anyone here familiar with the circuitry of these ancient panels, and if so can you make any suggestions?  I haven't had any luck finding a schematic yet, just a basic crossover diagram.

There is a circuit board where components (mostly resistors and maybe a couple of very small capacitors) are covered in some kind of wax.  The most suspicious parts are exposed and easy to reach - some transformers and a couple of misc parts behind the lowest driver.

Presumably the easiest place to start is the transformers since they're easy to reach and easy to test.  Luckily I have a spare panel to experiment with (the high end on the spare panel also stopped working in a similar fashion).





Are you talking about the small panel originals? As you might already know they used Janszen high frequency drivers. The problem with the SS was the power supplies and related components. Janszen is in business and it might be worth a call, my guess is they might have some answers. 

Thanks for the reply.  It seems like more of a power supply kind of problem if I had to guess.


It seems like more of a power supply kind of problem if I had to guess.

They might have a good solution for that also.

You should ask this question in the planar speaker section at