Infinity Servo Statics 1A's...where are they???

I had the great pleasure (some might say privilage) of hearing the Infinty Servo Static 1-A's a number of times, years ago.
I have searched e-bay.....audiogon etc. for a used pair.I
know that only a few system were made......does anyone out there know of a working system or has had the opportuinity of hearing these great (at the time) speakers?
You will need patience. I have seen the Servo-Statics on Ebay in the recent past. You will need to watch everywhere,
here on a-gon, Ebay,, as well as the other audio related websites. Higher-End vintage Infinity appears on Ebay on a sporadic, but fairly regular basis.
I personally have never heard the Servo-Statics, my favorite Infinity speakers are the IRS Beta and the RS1-RS1b. In the last three years I have acquired two complete sets of RS1x and one set IRS Beta. I have also acquired sufficient spares for the RS1x series, and am always looking for IRS Beta spare parts, which are few and far between.

Best of luck in your quest!

I remember hearing the Servo-Statics 1A at my local hi-fi shop in New Brunswick, NJ way back when they first came out. At the time I recall they were playing Elton John's "Captain Fantastic," and Cat Steven's "Hard-headed Woman". The crispness, clean and loud transient attack that those panels possessed was just breathtaking -- possibly the best I have heard at any time from any speaker system. I have heard most of the other Infinity speakers including the IRSes and the RS-1bs and as good as those systems are, I don't think they equalled what I heard that day. But the Servos were not known for their reliability and were difficult to keep running for long. But man, when they were working right, look out! I doubt that too many properly-functioning 1As are in existence today. What a ride though!
Hi Rwd,

I agree completely with the above post. I too heard these when they first came out and Plato is right, they were assume. But also like Plato, I feel that they are probably few and far between at this point, as they were a little temperamental to keep up and running. However good luck in your search and I hope you find a usable pair.

Upon reading these posts it is deja vu for me as a previous owner of both servo 1's and 1A's. Yes they do exist but you had to be a mechanic to keep them running. But when they were working they were the most dynamic and live speakers I have ever heard. So suductive but truly magnificant. I drove them with ARC D75A's and even used a D150 for the midrange. There were amps and crossovers everywhere to made them work. But because my keds took over the 'rec' room I decided to sell them to a friend here in Vancouver who is an electical engineer and adept at maintanining them. Without doubt I will never forget my experience with them. My only remnant of Infinity now is a pair of Infinity 2000A's from the same vintage.Arnie Nudell was a true pioneer in audio. Good luck in your quest seeking for these babies.
Post everywhere you can looking for them. There is a site or two somewhere in my files that when I find it I will forward on to you. While you are romanticizing about owning a pair of these, please remember you might have to tune up your technical skills, because being that old they are more than likely going to have some wiring and panel problems. I used to own a pair of I's, and I do miss them. But I also used to own a 2002 in the 70's and when I just recently bought another(in better condition) to relive that part of my youth, I thought it wasn't the same car, then I realized I was not the same man.