Infinity RSIIa Equalizer

I have taken my IRS IIas out of their hibernation with the intention of setting them up in my basement. (long story) I have them temporarily running until their new power mate shows up. When I first got them started again, I noticed the controls of the 'equalizer' that they come are very noisy when turned. I will open it up and clean it as much as I can but it got me thinking about whether I really needed it or not.

Is it possible to run these vintage speakers solely on a new more modern 'room control' system such as the McIntosh MEN220?
I owned Infinty RSIIa for 17 years from new. The EQ box only adds a bit of bass boost anyway.
It is a pile of cheap parts in there anyway.
So yeah you certainly could do the lower mid/bass boost with a separate EQ in some other part of your system.
PS I sold my RSIIa for parts and nearly got what I paid for it. Even with putting the cabinets and woofers to the curb.
Those EMIMs are $$$
Thanks for the response. That opens up a whole world of possibilities to tweak things.

BTW - I am a hoarder and have spare EMIMMs ;) but have not used any of them. My speakers are fully original except for the foam surrounds which were replaced about 12 years ago. They are in excellent condition. My new amp shows up early next week and I will have them singing shortly thereafter.
crwwilli57 - Are you still sitting on any Emims?  Bass contour box?  Thanks.
I still have the speakers listed elsewhere with the bass contour EQ.  The emims were sold to a friend with Betas.