infinity rs1b's speaker jacks

hi, i just picked up a pair of 1b's and noticed the right speaker has the positive speaker input on the left side instead of the right side like all other 1b speakers have. the plastic speaker post were missing so the other owner marked them with magic marker for red and black. im guessing they are crossed on the right speaker. has anyone ever seen the positive post on the left side of the crossover plate?? i had them hooked up for a day like that and the sound was good but the right speaker sounded a little brighter to me. when i changed them over the sound was even on both speakers. im guessing i did the right thing in changing the speaker withe over. any input on this would be helpfull. thanks
If you have one set reversed you won't get bass, that's how you can tell if they're both in same phase. FWIW- I have a set of RS4b's and the red is on the right. I would just hook both positives on right side, neg on the left.
i had bass both ways. the only thing i noticed with the positive on the left side on the right speaker was that it seemed to be a little brighter in the high end. other then that they sounded good. i switched over to the red being on the right side and the sound evened up. every pair i have seen showed the positive on the right, so im thinking why would mine be on the left