Infinity RS1B

Please read this is it true From Infinity expert
Talking About the 7 midrange drivers

So you see the original system has all these drivers but all the real work is done by the 3rd EMIM down from the top.

That is why if you put your ear right up to the drivers, all you actually hear anything coming out of, is the 3rd EMIM from the top, and it is much louder than the rest.

Also as you turn up the system and play it loud, this is the driver that screaches and eventually if you tuen it up too loud it will blow.

I have even know people to catch this driver on fire, yes on fire

the speaker is designed to work that way.   wouldn't you think if all  emim's were at the same level it would be too much.   the top two and #4 play together and the bottom 3 play the same freq's.  #3 is at ear level when seated.  i have a pair.. the sound is right on.  very smooth and laid back.   with good electronics the speaker just fades away and all you hear is the music.   i have played my speakers loud every once in a while and never had a problem.  anyone who made the emim catch fire was abusing the speaker and over driving it with inferior equipment.  just my take here
this is a quote i found on another forum.   just to explain better how the speaker works 

First of all, You are right that the RS1b is a point source. That's the whole idea with its design!
Secondly, You are NOT only listening to just 1 driver. That's just stupid.
The rest of the EMIM drivers NEEDS to be many as they are crossed over around the border of their ability.
Also, if You are able to set a driver on fire, You are stupid SOB as You obviously have disconnected the fuse that is incorporated in the design for a PRETTY good reason and then overdriven it like crazy with a weak amp that has gone into distortion!
This goes for ANY speaker!!! Overdrive it and it blows!!!

What has power handling to do with ANYTHING AT ALL?
What You really want to know (it seems) is how loud can You play.
I can tell You that I have played beyond 114db at peaks from these speakers.
Quite enough for any human being that cares about their hearing ability!!!

The RS-1 and RS-1b's have crossovers at 150 Hz, 700 Hz, 3000 Hz and 8000 Hz.

The two woofer columns, each made up of 6 standard 8 inch woofers function below 150 Hz.

The top two, and bottom 4 EMIM's operate from 150 Hz to 700 Hz.

The 3rd EMIM down from the top operates from 700 Hz to 3000 Hz.

The top and bottom from tweeters operate from 3000 Hz to 8000 Hz.

The center front tweeter ( with the small CAP on the front ) actually acts as a Super Tweeter and only functions above 8000 Hz.

The rare tweeter operates from 3000 Hz on up.