Infinity RS-6000 Valuation

I'm not a big electronics guy, but when I was in college I came across a set of Infinity RS-6000 speakers. They worked good, price was right (free), so I took them. Now, I rarely use them and they're taking up space in my house. I posted them on Craigslist the other day and got a crazy amount of interest, so I deleted the post to do more research on the valuation. Any ideas how much these things are worth? Where's the best outlet for me to sell them on?
Great speakers and rarely seen offered, no wonder you got buried with replies.

Like all things, they are worth what people are willing to pay and, if you want top dollar, place them on this site at auction. You can set a reserve amount so they can't be sold for less than this.

Just be very clear on their condition (not just cosmetics).
The main interest is they are one of the last Infinity products to include the famous Emit tweeter which always sparks interest...the remaining parts...although adequate... Offer very little collect ability. You could remain on the CL route, or simply part out the tweets on fleabay saving the hassle of large speakers. Personally, I would keep them myself as they detailed for $850 in the late 80s.