Infinity RS-4.5's need some help

I’m a new member here...
   Following the death of a family member who was something of an audiophile, I’ve ended up with the bulk of his gear including a pair of these monsters. Visually, they look great - the cabinets are in very good shape, front grilles are good, but the foam under the grills on the face of the cabinets is indented in a few places. I have not powered these up (I have the amps he used) for any sort of testing, mainly because the foam surrounds on all four woofers is shot, and I don’t want to cause any more damage. I’ve replaced foam on an old pair of Cerwin Vegas but I’ve done enough research into these speakers to know that these Watkins woofers were pretty special - not something I’d be comfortable taking on.
   We really don’t have the room to use these speakers (6 feet tall, 3 feet wide, 300 lbs. apiece) - or the funds required to re-foam professionally, so we’re leaning towards selling them. I guess my question is should I sell as-is or make the investment to have them re-foamed first - maybe by Watkins himself? I’m also a little concerned about the Quatre amps he used - I’m sure they will also require a thorough going over - more expense.
   He was the original buyer and I know he loved and babied them but as he got more and more sick, they fell into disuse and just sat in his living room. I’m sure he’d prefer to see them go to someone who would enjoy them as much as he did, and I’m afraid that may not be us.
I’d appreciate any thoughts...
so very sorry for the loss of family, grace and peace on you all

I would sell as is and let buyers deal w issues. Just be transparent in your listing. 

IF you want to be more hands on suggest Watkins do refoam. Audio Classics in Vestal NY has a top notch service dept. for the amps, West Coast I would recommend Brooks Berdan in Monrovia.

feel free to PM with questions IF I can help, I will. I managed a large high end shop that carried infinity in the hey day for that company.

I am sure current Infinity vintage owners will weigh in also, they will be good sources for all important bits....


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Jim, great advice, thanks for that (and good wishes). If I were to refoam, I was leaning towards sending them to Watkins. Any thoughts on what they might be worth as is?
Thanks Elizabeth - I have also thought about parting them out but that just feels sacrilegious. Infinity only made around 300 pairs of these speakers and they have a loyal following.
I have a friend with this pair of speakers. Perhaps he would be interested in a second pair. What part of the country are these located?
Please don't part them out. I have a set of RS-1s. Infinity speakers when working properly are magical. Just find someone who will give them the love they deserve. Good luck.
We're located in Northern Illinois. That would also be another hurdle in getting them sold - transportation.
I don't think I could bear to part them out - aside from the thought of Jeff rolling in his grave, they have such a loyal following I'm confident somebody somewhere will give them the home they deserve.
do you have shipping boxes ? The midranges have value because I believe the diaphram are verification that all midranges work crucial.....
Hi DMC123 - I would really try to sell them as is.

You may not get full value, but they'll go to some one who can do good things with them.