infinity reniassance 90

i just wanted to share about my ren 90's. i purchased them recently off of audiogon, purchased all new equipment(rotel rb1090 amp, rotel rcd1072 cd, rotel rc1070, kimber kcag interconnects and kimber 4tc & 8tc speaker wire) when i first hooked it all up i was real dissapointed with the sound(kinda harsh mid range) after talking to many people i learned that my equipment(especially cables) needed broke in/burned in. i went out of town for a week and let my system play at a loud volume level for approx. 125 hours solid. when i got home to my suprise my system sounded so natural and dynamic with an exceptional sound stage, i almost couldn't believe it. they say it will only get better. i've listened to many speakers and the ren. 90's blow them all out of the water as far as sound quality goes. gotta say infinity's rule the earth. thanks for all the input.(especially therudedog!) now if i could only get paid to stay home and rock out every day of the week.
Ah Grasshopper, your lesson in Infinity has merely just begun.

Tomorrow we will tell of the RS1b, and next day the IRS Beta!

Hold tight to your wallet!


Paul :-)
The Ren 90's are GREAT speakers!!, I love mine. I dont know why yours apparently sounded so harsh at first, but I'm glad that you are much happier with the way they sound now.