Infinity Renaissance 90 or Vandersteen 3A (no signature)?

Room size is 18x12, wooden floor. Amplifier is a Threshold Stasis 3 factory upgraded to e series, pre-amplifier is a Audible Illusions Modulus 3.

I like wide and deep sound-stage, detailed but soft mid-highs (no screaming Klipsch) and controlled bass. I am upgrading from a pair of ADS L1230.

Anyone has experience with the above speakers?
I managed a dealership that carried Infinity, ADS and Vandersteen....
i owned the 3A-Sig for many years w 200 wpc SS mac amp, they will rock for sure and image quite well.
First you have a great preamp/amp combo... able to drive just about anything...
should control 3A acoustic coupler well. should have fantastic and deep bass
if you go that route make sure to use Soundanchors
on the Infinity make sure all the drivers are working correctly!
have fun

check both companies to determine if critical parts are still available, especially, Infinity Renaissance 90.  Keep us posted.

Happy Listening!
Infinity Renaissance 90 have way less coloration, I would put the Rens up against any new 10k to 12k speaker