Infinity Renaissance 90

I am interested to correspond with other Infinity Speaker enthusiasts out there (my email: Anyone else own these truly SUPERB Speakers or atleast familiar with them and care to offer any comments?
I have the Renaissance 80's and love them. They're perfect for my small listening room. I can listen for hours with no fatigue at all.
Its always Great to hear from a fellow Ren Owner! I have the brochure for the Ren's as well as some mag review articles -from foreign audio mags (but written in English) when the Speaker first came out in 1992. The reviews all give the Ren 90/80 the highest praise- feel free to email me if you are interested in a xerox copy.
Thanks for the offer. Check out this website. It was created by another Infinity-phile. It has reviews and other spec info about the classics.
Yes- I am already familiar with it as well as the bobbyshred site. I also own the Quantum 3's, Qb's and Qe models- Luv 'em all!
Concur with all of you all. I have a pair of Infinity Kappa 8.1's, manufactured in Feb. 1993, still when Art Nudel was with the company and till today they blow speakers away three times their price. Recently auditioned Vienna Accoustics, Sonus Faber, Meadowlark's, etc. and they all fell short of the clarity, depth of soundstage and clean bass response. Only drawback is the Kappas want juice as they don't really start singing untill you have fed them upwards of 80 watts. Give them power and the results are wonderful. As a maater of fact I have an SW 210 Infinity sub that I haven't felt the need to hook up with the Kappas. I wonder if any of you could cast any advice on whether it is ok to leave the grills off in a secure room, free from kids and all.....seems like the clarity improves even more than with the grills on.
Mackkhan, the owner's manual for the 80's and 90's says - "Renaissance speakers have been designed to deliver optimum performance with the grilles in place. Under no circumstances should the grilles be removed prior to listening becauses this will create sonic anomalies."
Later it says "it is important that the vinyl flap is flush with each planar driver and covers the gap between the driver and baffle. This will ensure linear frequency response and eliminate sonic abberations which could be caused by the gap between the baffle board and the planar drivers."

The manual goes on to say " grilles can be ordered without the grille cloth". So, it seems that the grille frame also serves as a stiffener for the drivers.