Infinity Renaissance 80 - EMIM how to remove front

I hope someone can help me , I have a pair of Infinity Renaissance 80 , a part of one of the rods in the EMIM front panel came apart , I would like to take the front panel off and glue the part back , I just don’t know which screws I need to open in order to remove only the front panel , could you please tell me which screws to open ?

Thank you in advance , Happy New Year
One point about EMIM devices. To open them up you need a jig, a device to hold the parts in proper orientation. The parts have strong magnets on each, and the magnets will not let you put the EMIM back together without some device to keep them lined up!!!
Yes you could take the EMIM apart, but getting it back together again properly is not easy.
you need to remove the entire EMIM to work on it. Taking the front alone off is not going to work.
I agree with Elizabeth, I personally have taken many HE emim's apart and repaired them, it is next to impossible to do without using a jig, if you try to do it without a jig more magnets will break loose and possibly damage the Diaphragm beyond repair.