Infinity Primus P363 TAS review

Wow REG claims these speakers are "In many fundamental ways they are in the top echelon of anything out there."....These sell for $199! He says they aren't just good for the money but good period. Anyone heard these things?
+1 with Zd542's assessment about most speaker review's, however, over the year's, Infinity speaker's have been quite good for the money, I have a pair of Infinity RS-1 book shelf speaker's setting in my storage room that is built like tank's, tiny little woofer's, two way speaker's that in 1996, were the editor's choice for best, to tell you the truth here, these will kick the crap out of most any book shelf speaker ever made with sound quality, transparency and timberal accuracy is off the chart's for such a small speaker, take a look at the spec's, you will be amused!, currently, I need another speaker post for one of them, other wise, they are in mint condition, I needed the post for some other speaker's that I do use, reading this thread makes me want to resurect the RS-1 speaker's, I do miss their spectacular sound.
One last post, just to be clear, but I wasn't saying anything negative about the Infinity. I just don't think the audio press always puts reviews out in ways that can best help readers make a good choice. What does the speaker suck at? That's what I want to know. lol. I'm going to find out anyway as soon as I listen to it. Might as well just tell me first.
"What does the speaker suck at?"

I understand your point, Zd, but most audio gear above the bargain-basement level is pretty darn good these days, at least in my experience. I can't recall hearing any component that truly "sucks" at anything. While some may have characteristics that are not to my taste, remember that reviewers are ideally writing for readers with widely varied tastes, not just their own.

I tend to agree with you overall. But, I didn't mean that comment to be taken completely literal.

"What does the speaker suck at? That's what I want to know. lol."

See the lol at the end? I try, but no one ever gets my humour. Oh well, back to the issue at hand.

"While some may have characteristics that are not to my taste, remember that reviewers are ideally writing for readers with widely varied tastes, not just their own."

That's a very reasonable assumption on your part, but it's not true, more often than it is. Usually, a reviewer asks a company to review a product. They hear something in a store or at a show that they like, and that usually leads to a request. You would think that whoever the boss is at the magazine hands out the reviewers assignments, but that's not the norm. It does happen like that sometimes, but most of the time, the reviewer picks a product and then asks for permission to review it. While this is not a practice they hide, to their credit, quite often they will talk about this in the review itself, I don't think it best serves the readers. If a reviewer only picks stuff he knows he is going to like, we know how the review is going to go. For me, personally, I would like to see the reviewers take on more of a challenge. So if, for example, a reviewer doesn't like ribbon speakers, I want to see him review one. It'll make for a better comparison. I'm willing to bet that a reader will get more out of a review like that, than he will from someone who starts off already being sold on the product.
Zd542, yes my comment was directed to you.

The OP was not talking about generic loudspeaker reviews, but about a specific review by a specific reviewer. As I stated above, REG is an outstanding reviewer. Rather than lump all reviewers together, take the time to figure out if some of them actually know what they are talking about.

Over the past few years both TAS and Stereophile have reviewed and raved about some very expensive loudspeakers. The magazines claim that these loudspeakers push the boundary of SOTA and perform noticeably better than the previous generation of loudspeakers. At the same time both magazines also claim you can get good quality sound for only a few hundreds of dollars. But what I find most interesting is that both magazines seem to agree that from $2-8k a consumer can get excellent quality sound. According to the magazines true high end sound doesn't have to cost a small fortune. I think that's a good thing.