Infinity Primus 362: 2nd system/Value floorstander

Over the years I have been a avid supporter of various Infinity lines for more casual, 2nd systems...alpha, beta, interlude, etc...decent, good sounding mainstream mid-level products that offered a strong value...Primus is the current development of this thinking....the Primus 360, model prior to this review, garnered some positive press in Stereophile years ago...especially the measurements section...which the Harmon companies have tremendous R&D resources...that being said...the Primus series have the trademark soft treble/warm bass that Infinity has favored the last 15 years so...the tradeoff being a non-fatiguing listening experience...that lacks some realism and vivid can be a touch "bland" at times...but I am nitpicking a $750 speaker that routinely sold for far less online, etc....often %50 reduced...but that is the times the Primus sound like a 4-500 speaker...albeit a pretty good one...I could go for a bit more sparkle and transparency...something the BA VR series at the time did much better IMHO...the bass is fairly clean and punchy although lacks definition that more pricey speakers can accomplish...Infinity made a wise move in the quality vs quanity dept....overall, the Primus is musical, full range speaker that does provide a full sonic picture at a reasonable price...I find the presentation to be a bit veiled at times...not a total disregard...more of an observation...others might find the presentation to their liking
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Update: replaced my stylus and that did improve tweeter extension a bit...bass remains warm, punchy, and musical...midrange doesn't have 3 D realism like higher end products...but this is smartly conceived product at a very attractive price point...
Anybody know of any simple mods to these?