Infinity Prelude MTS

I've just purchased a pair of Infinity Prelude MTS, and also I am a new member here. I am interested to hear from Infinity Prelude MTS owners with regard to what Amps and/or integrated Amps, and setup you use or feel match well for this set.
Many thanks.
I used to own these speakers. Because of their high sensitivity and active woofers for the low frequencies, you would do well with a tube amp for the midrange and treble. ARC and Cary amps come to mind.
I have used a Sonic Frontiers Power 1 amp, and loved that combo... I currently use a Plinius SA-100 MKIII. It offers superb control and a very neutral balance together with the Prelude MTSs. These speakers resolve like a microscope, so a grain free amplifier is a must!
Have owned my Preludes for quite along time and absolutely love them.

I've driven my MTS' with my old Phase Linear gear, Sim Audio, Legacy-Audio, Sunfire and Krell.

Personally, I've liked them all!
The only difference, in preference, was when I drove the MTS' with the speaker outputs on the Krell vs the speaker outputs on the other amps.

I prefer the Prelude's subs driven by the preamp and the towers driven with the amp.

I've not driven my Preludes with anything other than higher output amps so can't comment on how they would sound with tubes.

The only thing I would say regarding the Preludes is one can never have too much quality power.

How do you like your Preludes?