Infinity Owners: New EMIM Diaphragms Available

I have a set of these in my RSIIb speakers, and they are a huge improvement over the stock diaphragms in terms of clarity, detail and dynamic range; these are a complete upgrade to every aspect of the EMIM sound. Just released!

Note: I have no association to the seller of these units - I'm just a very happy customer!

More details available here:

Here is part of a review of my Infinity RSIIb speakers with these new EMIMs installed, by a gentleman who heard them at my house. I think it captures the sound of the new diaphragms quite well:

"OK, now for the main course, the upgraded EMIMs with the Graz diaphragms. Think electrostatic resolution and openness with much more dynamic headroom. These are not just a repair for blown drivers, but a major improvement to every aspect of the EMIM sound. The first thing I noticed was a dramatic increase in low level resolution. Playing the Pie Jesu cut from the Rutter Requiem CD you can really hear the female soloist floating perfectly behind the speakers. And when all the individual voices that make up the chorus come in the sense of air and hall size is amazing. These midranges take detail to a level I have never heard from any Infinity system. With choral music, the stock EMIMS can get strained and edgy sounding due to the dynamic limitations of the diaphragm. The new diaphragms seem to track the changes in signal from the quietest to the loudest passages much more accurately so there is no smearing of the image or change in tonal balance. There’s a sense that everything has been cleaned up. It will be interesting to get some measurements of the distortion products between the two diaphragms. I had Max throw on Endless Dream from the YES Talk CD. This cut goes from super quiet to live rock levels and then some and if you are at all worried about damaging your speakers, keep the volume down. Max got a bit nervous fearing for the health of the tweeters when the big peaks kicked in since there are no fuses in his speakers. These midranges had no problem handling the loudest peaks unlike my stock set which visually flex and audibly strain on this cut. I was quite impressed."

The patent on the design must have expired! Infinity was really mean about not allowing the EMIM design or parts to be reproduced. Just in case (if I still owned some RSIIb)I would buy these and some replacemments.. Harman Corp may decide to try to enforce some sort of patent infringement anyway.
So buy now in case this infringement is challenged.
Just my opinion.
I don't see how the patent could not have expired by now. These speakers were made in the early 80's, and US patents only have a 20 year life maximum lifespan from time of application filing.
True, but the various ways companies use to extend patents... and the Lawyers lining up is always threatening, maybe enough to stop a small company from continuing making a part just from the threat of being entangled in legal battles. i would still be suprised if the parts are in production very long.. Just my opinion. A LOT of EMIM owners out there hve been looking for parts for years...
Like I said, buy the parts while you can!!!
When I owned Infinity with EMIM those inner diaphram plates were the main bottle neck. Once damaged, you were finished.
In any case, if the EMIMs sell well, then EMITs will follow, and after that perhaps L-EMIMs. If those sound as good as the EMIMs, those old Infinities will be giving some very expensive new speakers a run for their money!
By the way, the owner of Apogee spoke with Harman, and they said they had no plans to ever make more themselves, so it looks like it's OK with them.
Hey Ait,


I'm a big time Infinity fan and I really apprecitate the info you shared with us.
Will they be making the High Energy Emim that is used in the renaissance 80 and 90, also used in the IRS speakers omega,sigma,epsilon?
It all depends on the response to the EMIMs. Graz, the Apogee guy, spent a lot of time and effort engineering a technically superior replacement (they sound incredible, actually!) for the EMIM. If he can turn a profit, then he will move on to other drivers like EMITs, HE-EMIM, etc. If he ends up with a boatload of EMIM diaphragms nobody wants, he will not do any other drivers.

So buy up, folks!
Thanks, i hope they sell a whole bunch of the new replacement Emim diaphragm's, it would be nice if they made replacement High Energy Emim diaphragm's, so people restore your infinity's!
This thread at AK holds reviews from early adopters who have put them into RS1b and RSIIb speakers. So far it's unanimous - they are a big improvement over the stock, and can be added one pair at a time (i.e. the high mids in RS1bs) and still blend with the stock units. Clarity, detail and an ability to play louder without distortion seem to be the obvious advantages.
@ $220 ea, yucks !!! I have 14 to replace
Question: How do these actually mix and match with the originals? I have rs1b's and really did not want to replace
all the drivers
Read the Audiokarma thread linked directly above yours question, Hardtobme. One of the posters is adding pairs of the new EMIMs one pair at a time to his RS1b's and reporting back. You could PM him and ask his opinion directly.
Apogee Acoustics (the makers of the new EMIMs) has switched to a new website. Here is a link to the EMIM info on the new site, including volume discount info.

There are discounts for orders above 6 units at a time.
Note that Apogee also has an Classic Infinity Forum on their website now, for all you Infinity Enthusiasts! If enough folks post there maybe we can convince them to make EMITs, L-EMIMs, etc. as well as their excellent EMIM diaphragms!

Can you give me contact information to buy diaphragms for a pair of 2.5's ? Last Sunday they glowed orange(arcs) and now they are very quiet.
Sure, contact Graz at - he is the head of the new Apogee speaker company.
By the way, here is another new review of the Graz EMIM diaphragms, by the fellow at Lautsprecher Service in Austria. I think he likes them, too!

HI Is this for real please send me any information on how to purchase dia. for may RS1bs.I am interested in the emim and emit replacement parts. Phone numbers,part numbers,any info. you may have I NEED PARTS. Thank you.
I am very interested.
I own Infinity RS-1B's
Please send me more info. and contact info.
Mike Esik