Infinity model 5000 vintage speakers

Does anyone know where I can find info for this speaker?
I've tried googling and luck. not even pictures. I got a killer deal on a pair today at a yard sale: $20 for the pair. I hooked them up to my back up Denon AVR2106 receiver. They sound freeeking fantastic! 20 bux was all it took. They have the body of a monitor with a 12 inch woof woof, a 5 inch mid, and a 1 inch fabric tweeter. Any info or leads will be much appreciated.
According to a 1991 Orion Blue Book I have, they were made in 1980, and sold new for $698/pair at that time.

-- Al
Check out the Infinity Classics & Bobby Shreds Infinity pages. One or the other should get you your info.

The classics is mostly in german, but if you poke around there is some info in english as well.
Good luck, John
thanks a lot, guys. i checked out infinityclassics. they're there, but not very much info. the search continues. thanks again.

Whyy dont u email arnie nudell and ask him about them . He probably designed them. I think he works for his new company Genesis technologies if he hasnt retired. Good luck. shay
hi shay. i would love to email arnie. but frankly i think, and i'm pretty sure he hasn't been with genesis for a while now. and believe me, he's always been a celebrity to me since i got into this hobby when i was 15, 20 years ago. i used to go to rogersound labs in LA and listen to the 9kappas all the time. at that time, a simple fantasy of mine.

thanks guy!
Jorge, What do you want to know? I have a pair and the original manual as well. Mine have been in storage for too long anf the 10" woofer material has cracked. But two new 10" woofers and they would be as good as new.