Infinity Kappa polydome k replacement

I just purchased a pair of infinity Kappa 8 speakers and one of the polydome k drivers was torn - apparently they are not made anymore and there are no aftermaket parts available anymore either - after a long search I found a Vifa 3" midrange that is a drop in replacement - they seem to be working perfectly (the person I talked to at Madisound said that the driver is made by the same company that produced the original driver for infinity - they look remarkably similar) - anyway this post is to help Kappa owners that need a replacement Polydome k driver (so they dont fruitlessly search like I did)The Kappa 8's are a very good sounding speaker (B&K Ref 4420 amp)and I'm enjoying them greatly - thank you, Thymanst
Thanks. Good info.

What I appreciated most about the origional Kappas was the reproduction of sax and woodwind that I attributed mostly to those big domes. They had a breathing quality that even my big Gennies can't match. Tight sealed bass and limitless highs didn't hurt either.

The EMIT-K's pop up occasionally but I have never seen the midbass couplers on the used market. Woofers are easily repaired with new surrounds, usually.
Where do you get these "Vifa" replacements at? Are they the same color and everything? Part number? Thank you! Mike~