Infinity Kappa 9 Rebuild?

Is there anyone in California, Arizona or Nevada that does a re-build of the Infinity Kappa 9 speaker?

These speakers are now 30 years old.
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I can help you with most questions that you might have about a re build. Not volunteering at this point, but I've been an avid speaker builder for 35 years and have looked kappa 9's over many times and understand them well. 
@brettmcee   I'll email you

    I'll post this part for everyone.  You'll need to pull the crossover and disconnect the lead from the domes without the crossover attached. Use a simple 1.5v battery,  if you don't get enough movement, you can go up to a 9v. Connect the negative on both ends, attach the positive to the battery, now just tap the positive on the positive to the speaker. When polarity is correct, your cone will move outward.