Infinity Kappa 8 speakers

Hi folks,

I have a pair of Infinity Kappa 8 speakers that I want to try and sell.  I bought them 25 years ago from a bonafide audiophile and used them on/off over the years.  Unfortunately, the last several years they've been collecting dust in my garage and are no longer working.  The speaker cabinets are still good and solid and I'm guessing that, in the right hands, they could be repaired/restored.  I'd like to get some idea, ballpark figure on what I might ask for them.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have pics, but I'm not sure if I can post them here or not.

If I was asking what a working pair of Kappa 8 speakers might go for, that's exactly what I would have done.  However, if you'd read my post, I'm clearly asking about a non-working pair, whose value might be more reasonably obtained by an enthusiasts group such as yourselves.  If anyone has anything helpful to say, I would very much appreciate it.  Thanks :-)
What doesn't work, are they both silent when fed a signal? Do some drivers work and others do not? I would pull the back plates and spray some contact cleaner in the (3) rotary controls and rotate them both ways a dozen times or so, they get dirty over time. You might try rotating them without removing the plate too and see if the wipers of the controls clean themselves. You might just have dirty pots. I have never seen 2 speakers just stop working unless they where over driven.
Without knowing the issues, your question is tough to answer.  These speakers need someone who can work on them.  The woofers typically dry rot and need the surrounds replaced or the entire woofer replaced. The mids turn yellow and dry up and the poly coating comes off.  They normally need to be replaced also.  
If they are both completely dead then you possibly  have crossover connections broken somewhere.  Too many variables.  
What part of the country are you in? 
Ok. I’m only just beginning to grasp the depth of my ignorance here. I appreciate all of your replies. First. I have not had these hooked up to anything in several years. They’ve been sitting in my garage for at least 5. There is dry rot in the subwoofers. Likewise, the midrange speakers are dried up/ damaged. The last time I recall trying to use them when they were hooked up, no sound came out. I have no idea if the internal electronics are damaged or not. As for my location. North Texas. Hot and dry for the most part. 
Lastly, I think, you’re right. These speakers need someone who can work on them. If you have any suggestions for someone in the dfw area, I’ll see if I can find out from them what it might take to restore them or barring that, get a fair price for them as is. 
Thanks again. I really do appreciate it. 
If none of the drivers work, they are basically floating boat anchors.