Infinity Kappa 8's with a Krell KAV-300i?

Looking for comments on how this pairing would sound together?  And... whether the Krell (150 @ 8 / 300 @ 4) would provide sufficient power to drive the Kappa 8's?  Room is not large, roughly 11x13. 
When I researched the Kappa 8's I recall they really needed an amp that would power a 2 ohm load.  Here is one of the threads I found with a guy that had his amps eaten.
I don't have personal experience with the Krell but that post might be a good starting point.
Thanks for the input and link Pete. Sounds like I shoulder consider a different speaker. 
I had those speakers and they have a minimum impedance of 1.7 ohms. They are also relatively bright. If you stick with them I would look for a tube amp that is stable at 2 ohms. They are actually relatively efficient and you don’t need a ton of power to drive them well. 75w is plenty. Just has to be stable at 2 ohms.
Should be fine, unless you blast it.  Even then it would take some nasty distortion at really high volume to kill the Krell.
If the speakers are bright, the Krell would most likely not be a good match for them.