Infinity Kappa 8.1 speaker repair-is it worth it?

I have a set of Infinity Kappa 8.1s. I love these speakers but I always had problems with the tweeters blowing out. This happened many times.

After the last time this happened it seems that Infinity doesn't make the tweeters anymore, just a repair kit. Problem is that when I removed them I threw them in the trash so the repair kit will be useless to me without the tweeters.

Should I try to get my hands on an after market substitute? I don't have the spec sheet for the speakers and do not know what size tweeter they require.

Should I just get rid of the speakers and get something else?

Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated.
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those tweeters do pop up on occasion on ebay, there were some a week or so ago actually

But I agree, if they are blowing something is wrong & it's not your speakers. You need a better amp!!

I just purchased a set of these speakers & I am amp searching
I had a pair of Kappa 8.1 and ran them with a Sunfire Signature amp rated at 600wpc @ 8 ohms and 1200wpc @ 4 ohms and never had a problem with the Kappas. All of the old Kappa series love lots of power.

You've got to get an amp with testicular fortitude.
The amp I was running was the Carver PM1400, which run
475 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 700 watts per channel into 4 ohms at 1kHz.

So how could not having enough power be the source of the problem?
They are eluding to your amp clipping - which will take out the tweeters. But your carver seems pretty stout to me!
You it must be your amp. I am using a Kappa 7.1 as the center channel in my home theater powered by a Carver Silver 9t monobloc at 900wpc @ 4 ohms with the speaker set to full-range large in my home theater. No problems with the speaker as it is subject to a serious onslaught of sounds throughout the spectrum and it hasn't missed a beat yet.

If you bought the speakers second hand, the original owner must have changed something. I have owned all of the Kappas from 7 thru 9 and they have all performed yeoman duty as long as they have been fed good power.

It has gotta be your amp or your Kappas have been tampered with.
No. I purchased them brand new from Stereo Exchange in New York City.

They are nice enough people but sometimes when they get into that audiophile jargon I always get lost.

So I never was able to get to the bottom of why my tweeters kept getting ruined.

But the point for me now is what do I so with them? It would be such a shame to just throw them out but for the life of me I can't source those damn tweeters anywhere.
I meant to say..."But the point for me now is what do I DO with them?"
I thought i'd take a liberty and resurrect an old thread on Infinity Kappa 8.

The reason is that these are what I'm now running in my system, and I thought they deserved a mention, plus I'd be interested if anyone else is still using them. For anyone who doesn't know of them,  There are two versions of the 8 - the original "Reference Standard" and the later, cost-cut 8.1. I've not heard 8.1 but I was told to get the Reference Standards, for what it's worth.

They need a lot of amplifier power because of their low impedance, but if you have that, there is simply nothing else quite like them. I'd be the first to admit that the upper ranges aren't as sharply defined as some speakers, so if you listen to a lot of orchestral music, you'd probably miss that last tingle on the high notes. But if you listen to more rock/pop based music, as I do, then you will just keep smiling at what they do, especially the bass which is simply outrageous.

Polydome longevity is this speaker's weakness, but that can now be addressed, albeit with a black dome rather than the original translucent item. Does anybody else run Kappa 8?