Infinity IRS Epsilon Speakers & Krell Amplifiers

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum section and would like to give it a try to see if I can get an answer to my problem.


Infinity IRS Epsilon speakers
Krell KAS mono blocks amp
Krell KSA 200s Stereo amp
Wadia 9 & 10
Wadia CD transport 22

Krell KAV and Audio Standard Pre-amp
Apogee Auriga S speakers


The speakers come with a Servo Control Unit that controls the woofers. The problem I'm having is with the SCU immediately forcing the bias level on the Krell KAS bass amp up to their maximum level.
I call krell but with not result.

Is there someone who have ever heard of this problem and the solution/workaround to this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

3rd paragraph.