Infinity IRS Betas

Why are so many IRS Betas for sale

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And at ridiculously high prices, some people asking more for them now than when they were new.
a few years ago you could buy a pair of Betas from anywhere around $5000 to $6000, epsilon up there too $$. And when they don’t sell they relist them at even higher prices??? glad I bought my epsilons when I did.
A pair sold on the bay about a year and a half ago for $4.200 I auditioned this pair because they were local, they were In like new condition, if I didn’t have a pair of epsilons I would have bid on them.
I don’t know if they can be fully restored as Infinity no longer has any parts available for them as of 15 plus years ago.

you may be able to replace the foam surrounds on the woofers and maybe buy some aftermarket neo magnets for old peeling magnets and replace caps but that’s about it.

If any diaphragms go bad, you will have to buy someones 25 to 30 year old used diaphrams and Good luck finding someone who can repair/rebuilt a non working servo unit.

That said I personally wouldn’t pay no more than $5000.