Infinity IRS Betas Make Loud Noise When On

I just recently purchased some used Infinity IRS Betas. With both base towers hooked up to the crossover, the system makes a loud noise when I turn the control unit on. If I unhook the left speaker, then I don't get the noise and the sound is fine, but I hear a low hum. Same thing if I unhook the right speaker. I only hear this loud noise when both speakers are connected. I have checked, double-checked, and triple-checked my connections, and all looks correct according to the manual. Also when I disconnect the servo control unit and play them as full range speakers, they play fine. Does anybody have any idea what could be the cause of the problem?
You need to list your entire system.
I have an Aragon 28k preamp. I have an Emotiva XPR2 amplifier. I am doing all the hook ups without the mid-high panels connected because I don't want them to get shorted out, so I am only hooking up the base towers for now. I don't have anything else plugged in. I am using Monster cable interconnects and using the stock servo wires that came with the towers originally. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Not familiar with Betas but it's probably similar to the RS1Bs that I run. The servo unit is phase dependent, the phase has to be be correct. It sounds like the amp or pre-amp might be inverting the phase. You need to find that out and then connect accordingly. I have a couple of servo controllers but they are a pain to run. Your servo controller is going into protect mode. You are lucky the early models would just blow. They often have hum. One of my units worked fine and then started humming out of the blue so that is when I scraped it (saved it for the next guy).
I have run my system without the servo controller, just using a crossover and it works fine at the levels I normally use. Those systems are state of the art and finicky. Trouble shooting is difficult and not much fun.
When you hit the power button on the xover, do you hear a pop or clicking type of noise? If that's the case, just turn the xover on first.

I'm not sure about this, buy you may need to have the entire speaker system on and connected whenever you use it, and not just some of it like you are doing now. That would definitely be in the manual.
When I hit the power button on the xover, I hear both. As soon as the green light comes on the xover, it pops really loud and it goes into protection mode.
If one of the AC outlets that your various components are plugged into is wired out of phase; you can experience the same result as the mis-wiring of the bass Management system and towers. An inexpensive tester such as this, can tell you if that's the case: (
I am not sure that there is anything awry with your system. The servo-crossover should be turned on before the bass power amplifier(s). When first switched on, the red "power on" indicator should illuminate, and the green "servo on" should come on a few seconds later. It's then safe to turn on your amplifiers.

As the manual explains, if your preamp has two sets of outputs, you can wire the mid/hi frequency panels directly to your mid/hi power amp. That is the preferred way to connect this system.

When powering your system down, the best practice is to turn the amplifiers off first, and then the servo-crossover.

You should also check the gain of your bass amplifier(s) and set the open loop gain compensation switch (on the servo-controller back panel) accordingly. Note that especially if you are using bridged anplifiers, you'll need to reduce the gain with that switch.
What goes into protection mode- the amplifier?