Infinity Irs Beta servo control

Is there anyone available that services the Servo units For the Irs series? Mine works but I think it needs Calibrated as the Bass is stronger from one channel to another From what I have researched you feed each channel a 50hz tone and adjust the output to match.
These folks upgrade the servo:

The site is in German, but they'll respond in English if you send an email.
Not much information available for these

There’s a guy on ebay who goes by the user name “magicmarksy”. He has a bunch of higher-end vintage Infinity stuff for sale and he also offers repair services. I have never dealt with him myself, so I can’t vouch for his reputation or anything, but I’ll bet he has more info as to who can repair/upgrade an IRS servo controller.


I’d like to know what you find out, rvito, as I have a pair of Infinity IRS Delta / Gamma speakers myself (I have the servo but don’t have it installed in my system currently). I would like to have my servo controller upgraded at some point, and in case it fails.

Good luck, and thanks for keeping the vintage Infinity IRS heritage going!

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I also own a pair of Gammas And the servo Control makes a huge difference in the Bass, I spoke with Mr Marks and he does not know of anyone who can do the proper calibration of these controllers.
Does not seem to be anyone out there to service these units  services these units. The site is in German, but they'll respond in English to email.