Infinity IRS Beta

Any suggestions on the value of a set of Infinity IRS Betas?  They are in surprisingly good shape. Not a scratch or ding. I’m told the woofer surrounds should be replaced every 10 years but they are fine.  No updates done. But they may not fit in the next home. 
"But they may not fit in the next home."

Make them fit.  Those are the type of speaker you get, figure out the details later, as your wife frowns and shakes her head.

They are now 30 years old. $10K new. I don't think speakers hold value as a vintage car-even if they are immaculate. Maybe there are a few exceptions?

Value is a subjective thing, like the rest of audio.

Ebay listings are all over the place. I wouldn't open my wallet for over $5K....I think 5K is a stretch.
Thank you for the feedback tablejockey. And yes, wife isn’t nearly impressed as I. 

Ebay is indeed all over the place. I don’t think they will bring what I’m seeing 
them on eBay for. $5k is probably right