infinity intermezz0 2.6

Just wondering overall initial thoughts were impressive... presentation a bit forward, but nice bottom end and imaging....any info on the stands?
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I think you hit the nail on the head - very impressive bottom end for a monitor (and the RABOS eq is nice) but it can be bright in some rooms.

Check Infinity's website for the stands...

I haven't experienced any brightness or the speaker being forward, once the tweeters were broken in. These are a ceramic / metal hybrid tweeter, and they take some use to sound good. When I first started listening to them out-of-the-box, they sucked, and I thought "what is all the fuss about". The tweeters need about 200 hours break-in time, but sound great once that is done. Bass is unmatched in my experience for a monitor. Match the 2.6s with the 1.2s (I have a pair) and they are killer....especially given the prices on Ebay.

The stands are unavailable from Harmon. I modified some Premier stands so they bolt on. Harmon also has a very limited supply of the wood trim, if you want to change colors. These things won't be around much longer. Where else can you get a Stereophile Class A and TAS recommended speaker for under $800.?

Amplification is everything on these guys, since you are only powering the tweeter, so be careful what you match them up with.
my only concern is there are loads of them up for sale...which makes me a little hesitant...they were closed out on audioadvisor as well...cheers
These speakers will sound bright with most solid state electronics, but they are wonderful with tubes.