Infinity Infinitesimals

I have a pair of Infinitesimals that I purchased used in 1985. How do I tell what version they are. They have the black plastic ends and on the center bottom of each grille it has a metal strip with the infinity logo along with the word Infinity as opposed to the small round infinity logos I see on the other models. Thanks
V.1 the logo is on the lower right corner.

V.2 the logo is on the lower left corner.

Better LPad adj on V.2.

The fuse holders are in reversed position also.

I'd have to look, but there is a little difference in the XO too.

Both excellent speakers. A lot of punch.. The little DVC Watsons are very hard to come by.. They do hold up well though. Surrounds for the Watsons, and tweeter ribbons are still available.

I have both versions.. Pure gold.. They will out do a lot of speakers with a little care. Wonderful as Quads, surrounds or as a bookshelf main with GOOD bass back up... They are true reference speaker, in a very small footprint.

They are pretty heavy though. Mag/Alu cast speaker with solid wood butt plates, and punch hole wire mesh speaker covers for easy vacuum cleaner care.. (pretty cool)

Bad part. the funky speaker connects, both versions.. Push clip...

I've used them as MTTM too. Just changed the LPad for the tweets, one high one low... One model on the bottom one the top.. I spaced them with the built in ceiling mounts and all thread..

Yup they are keepers...V.1 V.2, after that, things changed....

Great resale, though....

Looking at the back, my speakers are definitely V.2 with the wire clips and the horizontal fuse holder.  I've just never seen the logo on the front grilles  like I discribed.  I also have a mint pair of Monitor Jr's, but sold my Monitor II's in the early '90's.  Thank you for your info,