INFINITY BETA--Anyone who owns them-who loves them

Y'ALL..I'm looking for those who own,or have owned, the INFINITY BETA. I would like to benefit from your wisdom and share with you mine. I purchased in 88 and still happily own! Please advise me of your findings???? Crossover tweeks, cable updates, etc. I would like to find folks who have discovered some of the JOYS this system lends itself to. THANKS,,,JOHN
Hi John... Although I do not own the Batas, I have the older version - Infinity RS 1-B's. I also wanted to upgrade my crossover (the servo unit) but I have been advised by some members on 'gon and elsewhere that I should dump the infinity and get a better crossover. Suggestions have been Bryston and Marchand. I have not done that yet and I am not sure if your bass columns can do that also but lets see if anyone who reads this can comment?
Rwd....I know absolutely nothing 'bout the RS 1-B, don't think I've ever heard them----Home for me is Atlanta, which has NEVER been even close to a "High End" town!! Any dealer that attempted to do any gear fancier than Pioneer was bankrupt before they opened the doors..(Hell,give us a fifth of Jack Black, a BoomBox with Skynyrd's "FREE BIRD" on a your tawkin..!!!). What I'm trying to say is, I think the BETA "Active Woofer Control BOX" is unique to the BETA System; I've never used it as a crossover,as such, I have always run the Mid/Hi panels straight out of the PreAmp, the Xovers in that panel assembly doing it's thing, and the "Active Woofer Control BOX" also getting it's lead from PreAmp and then the MODIFIED(w/servo feedback) going to Dedicated Amps for the wooooofs. Have I explained this right? In other words, I don't think anyone has made a "CROSSOVER" which can replace this "BOX" with it's phase issues, etc.....BUT....that's what I'm lookin' for..the answer, or how to MODIFY,Bring up to date this wierd/weird BEAST!!! Thank ya'll JOHN
Here are two of the most common modifications:

1./ Inside the planar base unit are the crossovers which have among other parts four high value electrolytic 100 V.N.P. caps, replacing these with the same value polypropylene caps but 200 to 250 volt rating will greatly improve the transparency and control, this is not really a modification of the circuit, just replacing the weakest (see "cost cutting") part of the crossover. The sound gets so much cleaner and delicate when called for, it is just amazing.

2./ You can remove the diodes in the speakers, Please be careful with this mod as it will defeat the protection circuitry and if you put more than 300 watts into the planars, you will damage the drivers (which are not easily replaced). I sometimes listen at high volume and did not do this mod. It is stated to be as much of an improvement as the first mod.

Have fun.
VALVESANDVINYL...Thank you for your reply to my Infinity BETA questions/AudiogoN/3-28-03. If I may impose on your obvious experience with the "mods" you suggested (part replacement with Quality Part), before I order the parts, I'd like your advice. In replacing the 100VNP Electrolytics..super cheepies..with Polypropylenes, which is no inexpensive mod, do you see any problem with using SOLEN METALLIZED POLY CAPS??? In my x-over "o15-3457 REV G", the SOLENS were used as the Basics with the cheap 100VNP's over, with in two positions, a .01uf Wonder Cap as a parallel. I'm looking in the "PARTS EXPRESS" catalog #22, and the easiest solution seems to be to use the SOLEN to replace. Am I approaching this wrong, or will this achieve the AUDIO results I'm looking for ??? If you have the time, I'd be most grateful for your thoughts. THANKS AGAIN, Regards, John Paul Wayne Voice (770)9922820
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