Infinity 8Kappa Low to Mid Crossover Frequency

I am experimenting with using two stereo Crown XLS class D amp with inboard Linkwitz-Riley crossovers to Power left and right speakers respectively. Channel 1 of both amps powering lowend, channel 2 powering mids and highs. What Crossover frequency should I choose: 794Hz, 841Hz, 891Hz, 944Hz? 

I know now technically I do not need to choose a crossover frequency but to use the amps in this manner I do and it would be more efficient if each channel of the amp were only amplifying necessary frequencies. 

Thanks for your time and expertise!

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None of those choices will work. The internal crossover for the RS 8 Kappa is 80Hz. With any of those choices, you’ll be rolling off the mids/highs way too high.