Infinity 2000A??

I may have come across a pair of infinity 2000A speakers. I am told they are in working condition. They have about a 10 or 12" paper woofer with a port, a 3"pr or so paper midrange and 4 electrostatic elements up one side, the upper one angled upward. 2 L pads on back and of course the plug. No model # only a s/n. Any idea of the exact model and value? 2000A not shown in the Agon bluebook or on any of the infinity sites. They are in metro DC and if anyone wants to come look at them this weekend while I am visiting, drop me a quick note through the site and tell me how to contact you.
Check the RTR electrostatic tweeters (hold your ear real close to each of them in turn). They had a tendency to crap out with no visible indication that there was anything wrong. The woofers are probably due for new surrounds. If in good shape, these are fine sounding speakers. I had two pairs of them back in the day.
Here are some nice links:

Have fun!
Nsgarch- them's the ones! Many thanks. Anyone have any idea what they are worth, assumming that they are working? Cabinets are intact and not too badly scratched, although they definately need refinishing. Woofer and mid surrounds look fine. I have not yet plugged them in, but will do that this afternoon if I have time.
According to one of the websites, the MSRP was around $550 I think. So I'd guess for a pristine specimen, maybe two to four times that, depending on the demand?
OK. Cool. A family member owns them, is downsizing and could use some $$. I will try and figure out if they work and then see if I can sell them for her.
Hooked 'em up and they work just fine! All 8 stat tweeters, as far as I can tell from putting my head up them. Any thoughts on how they stack up to modern speakers?