Infinity 2.5 amps

I am refurbishing a pair of Infinity 2.5's.  I have a McIntosh 2300 solid state amp and a pair of Nakamichi 630's. The Nak's max out at about 150watts.  The Mac has no maximum.  I was thinking about setting the 2.5's to bi-amp but not sure if the Nak's will handle them.  I use the McIntosh now to drive my Infinity Q3's and the combination works very well. Anyone have suggestions. 

I don't have an answer, other than I've seen lots of RS2.5's with Nikko Amps. Have you tried the Infinity users forum at AudioKarma? There are a lot of Infinity geeks there.

BTW, good luck on the refurb project. I use Infinity RS1.5's and love them. I don't think I have enough room for 2.5s or 4.5s, but would love to hear them.