Infinite Baffle anyone?

I recently installed one (infinite baffle, IB, e.g. subwoofer drivers installed between the listening room and another separate (by walls) large space, such as the attic, crawl space, or outdoors), as a test, using an 18' and two long-throw 10" woofer, and as the baffle/front, a door into a storage room.

I turned off my expensive, supposed 17 hz front boxes (two 18" Def Techs, and a larger VMPS).

My gosh, sub 20 hz bass for the first time in my room (measured with velodyne sm-1) AND, I did not expect this, greater clarity and definition from the front end. And the bass overall is the best I've ever heard, anywhere: tuneful, articulate, and, as I've indicated, extended.

It is a revelation! NO MORE BOXES.
The Brits put them in unused fireplaces. The back wave goes up the chimney.
The rediscovery of ancient audio hobby tricks is on going. The latest stuff is rarely the best ever, only the best they can do with in a given market at the moment.
Hello Pmcneil, you are so right. I have used 4 12" woofers mounted in the floor above my besement. My home was built in 1908 and it is finished in a period style. The woofers are mounted under the sofa and chairs which have tall legs about 9" I think. These furniture items are not used when I do serious listening. I have a sweet spot just for me. This concession keeps the decorator happy, with my Klipschorns . And 4 woofers really sound great, spread around the 4 sides of the room. I paid about $ 90.00 for each woofer about three years ago. One of these days I'll try more expensive woffers, but they will still be in the floor. This is the 2nd home that I have used woofers in the floor and it is a plus for sound , the decorating is a second plus as well. Know if anyone can just get over cutting holes in your walnut hardwood floor, after all it can be hidden by a high chair, lol . David