inferior p-mount cartridge?

I was planning to buy a turntable with p-mount cartridge. But one of my friend advise me not to buy it, because he had bad experience with p-mount cartridges. (He tried several p-mount cartridges about 10 years ago)

I am wondering if this is still true, or if this is due to his bad luck. Let me know if you have any oppinions about this.

Sorry, I can't answer you question becaused I never used them, but to let you know that Ortofon has a few models:
X1-MCP (high output moving coil)
TM 20U (moving magnet, Super OM20 in p-mount)
Always had good luck (going back 15 years or so)with p mount catridges from a variety of manufacturers (Ortofon, Shure, Audio Technica). The p mount cartridges always made cartridge replacement easy. When the p mounts were first introduced (about 15 years or so ago) they appeared on less expensive turntables and were never considered TOTL. Maybe that is is the source of his comments.

P-mounts, as you might imagine, involve inevitable compromises, and what audiophile wants to compromise? How much more fun to be able to tweak VTA and such. But if you aren't familiar with VTA and such, installing a conventional cartridge can be daunting. And a p-mount cartridge will probably sound much better than a badly installed conventional mount.
All in all, I think conventional cartridges are better--you can adjust them, and the mounting seems far more rigid than p mount. Then, there aren't as many P mount cartridges to choose from. However, it seems to me that a GOOD p mount cartridge, mounted on a GOOD turntable could offer decent sound.

If simplicity is what you're after, you might look at buying a turntable with a premounted conventional cartridge. (Music Hall, NAD 533, or a used turntable in good condition.) You'd get simplicity now, with the ability to upgrade to a much better cartridge later.