inexpensive xlr cables for JL 113 subs

need xlr sub cables one 30ft long and one 16ft long 75 ohm for two JL F113 subs under 350 dollars ? using BRYSTON SP 1.7
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Very close to your budget and a fantastic cable:

Ultimate Cables Silver Series XLR Balanced Cables:

5M (16.4 ft) $150
9M (29.5 ft) $210

Free shipping too to U.S. and Canada, nice.

Good luck!
Like Bob Blue Jeans cable is a great resource for sensible well terminated Belden and Carnar cable. I'm also using their 1ft incremental HDMI cable which allowed for a very uncluttered HT installation and provided a signal indistinguishable from High dollar audio industry exotics.
thanks alot I dont really believe to much about cable hype. thanks for your time. BRIAN
Cable selection for this purpose should be much less critical than for connections between line level components, since effects on the mid and high frequency components of the signals won't matter.

The Blue Jeans should do fine. Another good choice would be Mogami's, which are widely used in professional applications. B&H Photo Video has a selection of them that are close to the lengths you are looking for, here.

-- Al
I have found the cables to work well and they are a bargain.
Changed from Cardas Golden cross to Signal cables for my audio needs.I also use monoprice for their video (HDMI) cables. I am done with the hype that we fall into when buying cables.
+1 on the Bluejeans cable...also highly recommend Signal.
Bd233, Just curious as to what you ended up with? Great timing that you happened to ask this question at the same time I needed balanced cables also. Just purchased a custom length pair of balanced cables from Blue Jeans cable to use with my 2 Fathom 113's. I chose Blue Jeans over Signal due to the price.
Emotiva have a promising line of cables including xlr's but not sure about has info.