Inexpensive XLR cable for SUB

I need a 40 foot long XLR cable to connect my Fathom F113 to a second F113 and the only output is XLR. I see bluejeans cable has inexpensive long runs of RCA cables but where can I get inexpensive long run OF XLR cable?

They have pro audio XLR cables for cheap!

They come in long and short lengths and are perfect for home audio.
Mogami Gold Studio pro cables are well respected and not particularly expensive:

Blue Jeans offers xlr cables as well as rca's:

And here is a wide selection at various price points:

-- Al
Make your own.A fun and easy project.You also control the cost.
11-22-09: Tpreaves
Make your own.A fun and easy project.You also control the cost.

Excellent suggestion.
Try Monoprice, a 50ft cable will probably run about $25. I have used their products quite a bit and the quality is excellent for the price.
Thanks to all this is a big help.Gary
I've read here that Signal Cable (Frank) will custom make a subwoofer interconnect for you if you ask, i.e. add more than one wire per run. If you study what one of the higher end cable manufacturers says about the difference between the three subwoofer interconnects they sell you'll find that their least expensive cable has "one wire per run", the better cable has "two wires per run", and their best cable has "three wires per run".

The nice thing about dealing with Frank is if what you're asking him to do won't improve your system, he's the first one to suggest you save your money.